Special Invitation for

Though Leaders &

Visionary Entrepreneurs 

It’s time…

to make your entrepreneurial dreams come true.

You are invited..

to join an extraordinary program that will pull you forward and support you in bringing your unique entrepreneurial vision to life.

Bespoke level of service...

through which you will receive the focus and attention both you and your vision deserve.

Access to...

dedicated guidance taking you through step by step proven plan to accelerate the creation of your unique Luminary Impact Platform.

Dear LIMITLESS Entrepreneur,

This program is designed to provide you with the resources to bring your vision forward, create your own unique Luminary Impact Platform to support it, and enjoy a highly leveraged model that will allow to you SHINE your brilliance and message on a bigger scale for greater impact.

As discussed during our conversation, this is a High-Value, High-Touch 12 month program. We will advance through the 7 stages of co-creation and growth that are required to properly establish your Luminary Impact Platform and leveraged Business Model. The pace at which we progress through the steps will be led by your unique needs.

The stages are as follows:

Discovery. This is a process of taking inventory and the objective is to assess everything you have in place in your business now to identify the initial needs to be addressed as well as the resources that we are starting with. I expect we will find you have pieces that have progressed into various stages and we will identify each to best leverage what you have already invested.

Design. The focus during this stage is to define and design. You will refine your Unique Signature Positioning , market presence, services, products and programs, along with a business model and Client Cascade that both leverages your strengths and that you will fully enjoy. This will be your “Preliminary Master Plan”.

Create. With the Master Plan in place you will gain clarity about which highest income producing pieces to create first and when to bring them to market. This will accelerate the process of creating your lucrative business.

Emerge. The launching stages. Marketing campaigns and offerings to support your vision and draw in your ideal clients will be brought to market to create momentum. A thriving business is a constantly evolving process and you will find that you will have pieces of your Master Plan advancing at differences stages depending on the order in which you are launching them.

Elevate. At this point market acceptance will set the pace and dictate the attention and the selection process to know which pieces you have brought to market need to be amplified, promoted and leveraged through strategic marketing campaigns.

Expand. By now you have your finger on the pulse and are receiving clear, real-time market feedback to grow your business and visibility. You have become masterful at knowing how your message lands and how to leverage it to expand your reach on-demand.

Influence. With your platform in place, a strong foundation to support growth and your established credibility, your market presence will propel your strategic alliances, attract the opportunities and influencers to support the growth of your vision.

How I will support you:

We will meet virtually or in person on a regular basis for a total of up to 24 meetings including 4 Diamond Days to consult, co-create, and set up your next steps, so that you can walk away from each meeting with an implementation plan to follow and/or delegate.

These meetings will be arranged to be spread out according to the needs of the stage you are in. Some stages will require shorter time frames between meetings to support the creation and momentum process. And sometimes the meeting might include a team member you are delegating to in order to accelerate your turn around time.

As a LIMITLESS Member you will have full access to the SHINE membership program, training courses, calls, and events with special Diamond Status and privileges.

Included if you wish to participate:

Maximize your exposure and visibility.

You will be featured in various SHINE marketing campaigns, publications, communications, webinars, and events.

Featured as a Guest Expert to SHINE participants through interviews and Expert Panel during Online Luminary Events.

Access to High-Level Networking and Mastermind Experiences. Additional investment may be required if co-hosted with a third party. If this is the case, a significant savings option will be made available.

Special Star Affiliate Status with up to 20% Commission Rewards on clients referred by you.

SHINE Training Topics & Courses

Sample of training topics and modules included in the SHINE program:

The Art of Launching 

Client Cascade Model

Scalable Levels of Signature Services

Shine Online Success 

Webinar Wealth Secrets 

Millionaire Marketing Secrets 

Relationship Marketing

Quintessence – Brand iKon

Brand Print Experience

LIMITLESS Income Breakthrough

Wealth Breakthrough Secrets

Wealth Creation Profiles

You will have full access to the step by step training courses as well as all the activities and resources available to SHINE participants.

Investment: As discussed during our conversation the LIIMITLESS program is made available to you at a special investment level of $9,500  as a consideration based on a previous working relationship and advance enrollment access during private release phase of the program.

I look forward to you becoming part of the program and supporting you in your limitless success.