Step 1: Take the Assessment


You’re in! It’s Time to…


Step One:

Taking The Assessment

I am so excited for you! This assessment will be very revealing and you will learn so much about yourself just by answering a series of very clear and direct questions.

It’s a special opportunity for you to discover what YOUR biggest Wealth Breakthrough Opportunities and Core Driving needs are. You’ll get a clear and accurate understanding of where your real beliefs and behaviors stem from when it comes to making and keeping more money.

Then learn how to use all of this information to stop any self sabotage around making more money, eliminate self imposed (hidden) glass ceilings, activate a higher level of wealth consciousness AND create a NEW empowered financial legacy. Don’t be surprised if you breakthrough some generational limiting paradigms along the way!


Read each question and answer with a simple Yes or No answer. Just answer with what immediately comes to mind. Do NOT over think this. There are no right or wrong answers. When responding, answer with what is truest for you based on examining your whole life, not just based on where you stand today.

✦ Don’t over think your answers to the assessment questions. First response is the best answer. There are no right or wrong answers.

✦ If you have a tie, no worries. I will explain how to interpret a tie after you take the assessment.

✦ There is no need to take the assessment more than once.

This assessment is easy and only takes approximately 8-10 minutes so please make sure you have the time because you can’t save your answers.

It’s time for Step 1: Scroll down to the assessment!


Step 1: The Assessment