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Congratulations! You just completed the Wealth Creation Profiles assessment!

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Step 2

Bonus Gift #1
Forms to Record Your Scores

Click the image below for instant access to these forms.

Once you complete Step 2…
Scroll down for Step 3.


Your Results

Step Two:
Review & Record Your Scores

It’s time to review your personal score for each Wealth Creation Profile and find your Influencing Profiles.

Check your email inbox. You will receive an important email with your personal score for each of the eight Wealth Creation Profiles. The email will be sent from karla@karladenise.com and the subject line is: “Confirmation: Your Results – Wealth Creation Profiles Assessment”.

Once you find the email… here’s how to use the scores from the assessment:

Record your results for each of the Wealth Creation Profiles onto the Your Assessment Results Form for safe keeping. Just click on the image of the form on the left for instant access to the form.

Find your Influencing Profiles.These are the three highest scoring (1st, 2nd, and 3rd) Wealth Creation Profiles and your special lowest scoring (last). Record your results onto the Influencing Profiles Form for safe keeping – you will refer back to it quite a bit. Just click on the image of the form on the left for instant access to the form.

In case you have a tie in your top three or lowest scoring Wealth Creation Profiles: Don’t worry, just send an email to karlateam@karladenise.com and my team will send you instructions on what to do next.

This is where it starts to get very exciting!

You have completed:
⚜ Step 1 – you have taken The Assessment
⚜ Step 2 – you have your results and identified your Influencing Profiles…

Now you are Ready for Step 3… just scroll down!


Step Three

Discover YOUR Profiles

You completed The Assessment,
You identified YOUR Influencing Profiles,
Now it’s time for… Step 3

Find your Influencing Profiles in the section below


Your Profiles

Step Three:
Discover You

Now that you know your Influencing Wealth Creation Profiles it’s time to learn a little bit about them – about you!

Find your Influencing Profiles in the section below.

Click on each image to download BONUS Gift #2, an accompanying report for each profile. You’ll discover some of your natural Wealth Creating Gifts and Strengths as well as Money Challenges and Blind Spots that affect your Wealth Potential, plus a BONUS section in each report. You should have a total of four (4) reports.

Identify possible inner conflict created by the natural gifts and challenges from YOUR combination of Influencing Profiles.

What you will find below:
A Priceless Gift For You

Once you have completed Step 3 and know your Influencing Profiles I have a Special Invitation for you to learn how to best leverage your profiles and create Your Unique Wealth Creation Strategy.


Click on each profile image to download a BONUS Report


Gifts & Challenges: Natural Wealth Creating Strengths & the Blind Spots that May be Hindering You

Find Your Influencing Profiles and Click on Each Image to Download Your Gift Reports



Rebel With A Cause


Idealistic Alchemist


Super Star


Relationship Maker


Strategic Banker


Experience Creator


Empire Builder


Did you download your BONUS GIFT REPORTS? Just click on the image for each of Your Influencing Profiles.

What is your Next Step?
Let’s Create Your Unique Wealth Creation Strategy… See Below for a Special Invitation


Special Invitation:

Fabulous Opportunity For You

Dear Wealth Creator,

No matter how long you have been in business, what stage of life you are in, the income level or accumulation of wealth you have achieved, knowing your Influencing Wealth Creation Profiles and understanding how you were DESIGNED and the PURPOSE that is in you is PRICELESS.

It certainly doesn’t matter what side of the spectrum you are in…
Whether you are struggling to create a steady stream of income in your business or have figured out your best strategy to creating 6 or 7 figures… You’ll be surprised at the important role your Wealth Creation Profiles play DAILY in both your business and personal life. And how quickly they can help you get to where you really want to be.

Your decisions, your thoughts, your beliefs, the lens through which you “operate” are all impacted silently by your Influencing Profiles. Shouldn’t you know what these are?

Don’t you want to intentionally create the life you truly desire? Understanding what is taking place internally and acquiring this deep level of understanding about yourself will be transformative for you.

How do I know this? I have experienced it first hand and more importantly for you, so have my clients. The momentum we have been able to create by designing a Wealth Creation Strategy that makes the best use of their Influencing Profiles has been a game changer. You can experience this as well.

Designing a Wealth Creation Strategy based on your Influencing Profiles will elevate you in such a way that you will approach life, business, and interactions with others in a whole new way. It will help you gain the insight to achieve Your Ultimate Desired Outcomes much quicker. You will also clearly see how to make best use of your time and talents to create a more leveraged lifestyle. This experience really is life-changing.

If you are curious, feeling called to learn what your Wealth Creation Profiles results reveal about your behavior patterns with money – in business, life, and relationships, then apply for a Complimentary Wealth Creation Strategy Session with me.

In the meantime, explore your Influencing Profiles and start noticing the roles they play in your life!

Love and Blessings,

Karla Denise

Award Winning Income Acceleration Expert,
Master Coach & Mentor to Entrepreneurs Worldwide
Publisher, SHINEpreneur Magazine

P.S. This session is 100% complimentary and as much as I would love to accommodate for everyone who is interested, I am only able to make a few sessions available. If you have Bold Income Goals, Big Dreams, and are READY to Make them Come True, then apply for one of these sessions by just clicking on the button below and filling out the form. My team and I look forward to hearing from you.

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*Are you CURIOUS?***How can Karla help you forever Unlock Your TRUE Wealth Potential?


The right Wealth Creation Strategy can help you:

*LEVERAGE strengths and gifts of your influencing Wealth Creation Profiles
*CREATE momentum to grow your business
*FOCUS on highest income producing opportunities
*CREATE & ACCUMULATE wealth with grace and ease.

It’s time to FINALLY enjoy the LIFESTYLE you were longing for
when you started your business!

Ready for YOUR Wealth Creation Strategy?

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